Alternative Romantic Cities In Europe To Visit

Many of the top city breaks in Europe come with an element of romance. This is what makes European destinations so popular for a romantic getaway. If either you turn to the more popular or your lesser-known cities, they all have an element of romance to them that capture the imagination. Whether they have grand cathedrals or parks that are filled with vibrant colours during the warmth of summer or rivers that slice through the heart of them, they all have a certain charm. Obvious choices such as Rome, Paris and Florence all come to mind, but there are other great destinations to choose from. So what are the some of the alternative cities you should visit for a romantic city break in Europe?

Porto, Portugal

Porto has already been recognised as the Best European Destination in 2017 by travellers from over 170 countries. This proves just how popular it is. However, when it comes to romantic breaks, this stunning city has so much to offer. Nestled on the west coast, it has plenty of things to see and do. The laid-back lifestyle is perfect for couples to enjoy and embrace together. It is filled with architecture, culture, great food and plenty to discover. All which enable you to make up your own romantic adventures as you go along the way. This is a town that is filled with charm. The beautiful River Douro gives the town its character. Take a view of the river from the air in a helicopter. Or discover the architecture as well as the stunning landscape and bridges. You can also enjoy a cruise on the river, or sit arm in arm as you watch the waves from the Atlantic Ocean crash onto the beaches. This vibrant city mixes history with a modern twist and you can embrace all that this city once was. Follow in the path of Portuguese adventurers and follow the trade routes that they would have taken. Visit Se Cathedral and its terraces where you will be left mesmerised by the views over the city. Take in many of the traditional Portuguese restaurants selling veal and sardines or simply sip a Portuguese coffee and watch the world go by.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

When it comes to romantic breaks, Dubrovnik will leave its mark on you both for years to come. This beautiful, picturesque city harmonises traditional and contemporary living. All of which creates a place that captures the heart and mind. The old port allows you both to take a leisurely stroll through time. Here you can conjure up images of old vessels and romantic stories of power and fame. The city is filled with culture, music and architecture turning it into a gift that keeps on giving. The rugged coastline is irresistible. It is clear to see just why this city has been protected by UNESCO. The sound of birds, the slow pace of life and the stunning, sprawling ocean will leave you wanting to spend the rest of your life here. Dubrovnik offers 250 days of sun a year, making it the perfect romantic break if you want to sit under the sun while sipping champagne. Choose the summer months to attend and you could both take in one of the festivals that take place. You can swim in the ocean, dance and explore this magnificent city. The regional cuisine will give you an authentic experience. You can take the time to absorb the wonderful surroundings in the many bars and coffee shops.

Krakow, Poland

There is much to see and do in Krakow, making it the perfect getaway for couples seeking a romantic break. The city is vast. Yet a lot of the exciting places to visit can be found around the main square. Stroll through the cobbled streets, visit the chocolate factories, drink hot chocolate or take a tour on one of the buggies dotted around the city. The main square is impressive with the bustling market located in the centre. In one corner you will find St Mary’s Basilica, where you can take a trip inside and take in the spectacular architecture and design. The main square is equally as beautiful in the snowy winter time as it is during the warmth of spring. It also has a great choice of restaurants serving culinary delights from many different international cuisines. The Vistula River is every inch impressive. Take a tour to see the city from a different angle or even book a river cruise with an evening meal under the moonlight. The trams are a great way to get about. They certainly give the impression and feeling of the tougher years that the city has experienced. This is a stunning city in every way and the Gothic, baroque architecture and design of the buildings are something that must be seen to be understood. Finally, Warwel Castle is well worth a visit. The expansive grounds are impressive and from the right point, there are some spectacular views across the river to be found.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city that has it all to offer. It brings together the city and the beaches, offering you both the best chance to turn this into any kind of trip you want. The city is filled with history and it is easy to get yourself lost in the amazing architecture of this magnificent city. The Gothic quarter has it all. From vintage shops to cocktail bars and cafes, this gives you both the chance to stop and watch the world pass by. The nearby Raval District is where you will find the “street of the kiss”, Carrer dels Petons. Take a stroll down Las Ramblas and experience the hustle and bustle of this hectic Spanish city. Yet it is this hectic way of life that gives it all its charms. If you want to feel the warmth of the sun and the sand between your toes, take a wander along the beach. Here you can savor a cocktail at many of the bars. Visit the Sagrada Familia and look in admiration at this impressive structure before sampling some true Spanish Cuisine. Barcelona is a city which really does pull at the heartstrings and leaves you wanting to explore more and more. However, it is every inch romantic, especially when the sun goes down.
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