9 Top Bike-Friendly Cities in Europe

Throughout Europe, for many years, a number of cities have shown just how much of an impact it can be to be bike friendly. When you think about bike-friendly cities, there are a number of destinations that spring to mind. Riding a bike is a great way to get around the many large, bustling metropolises. It is now being encouraged by many cities, and proving that going bike friendly is the way forward. Many of these cities have improved their infrastructure by implementing cycle paths, parking facilities and bike-friendly public transport. All of which are making it even easier for locals and tourists alike to rely on their bikes on an everyday basis. If you are travelling to any of the cities below then you will find that some of the best views and attractions can be seen on two wheels. Not only that, but it allows you to get around quickly, making it possible for you to cram more into your time! So, the following cities are the best cities for cycling in Europe.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This friendly city is safe and it has been designed in a way that makes it exceptionally bike friendly. The city has installed traffic lights that are dedicated to bikes as well as an elevated cycle path that take riders over a busy shopping area. Effectively, this is a city that is really making a point when it comes to cycling. Bikes now outnumber cars in the city and that is why it leads from the front when it comes to being bike friendly. It has even set its own goal of becoming the most bike-friendly city in the world by 2025.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Often, Amsterdam is the first place that comes to mind when you think about bike-friendly cities. This is the pioneer when it comes to becoming cycling because it has long encouraged people to take to two wheels to get around. Once you visit this city, you will instantly realise just how popular it is for cyclists. Whether they are on their way to work or doing it for leisure, it is a great way to get around the city with ease.

Ghent & Bruges, Belgium

Sitting next door to The Netherlands, Belgium is also making a name for itself when it comes to being friendly for cyclists. Ghent and Bruges are both provide cyclists with having the right of way on the road while cycle paths link up the whole of the city. There are tunnels and bridges that criss-cross the city, making it easy for people to get about.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This stunning city is not new to the world of being bike-friendly. They have been building cycle paths for decades so they know exactly what it is all about. This was the Green Capital of 2016 and it has 133km of cycling lanes as well as 73km of cycle tracks with over 300,000 people taking to the road on bike. These peaceful streets are best seen on two wheels and as car traffic is restricted it makes it even easier to get around and find those quiet cafes for a quick stop-off.

Bordeaux, France

Head to the South of France and you will find that this famous wine-growing region is extremely favourable for cyclists. It is actually the 8th best city in the world when it comes to being bike friendly and so, people are actively encouraged to get on their bike to get around. There are car-free boulevards and routes along the river that are best enjoyed on two wheels.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is making great strides when it comes to being bike friendly. More and more people are taking to the roads on their bikes and each year, a mass bike ride takes place to raise awareness of the benefits of cycling. When it comes to seeing this magnificent city, getting on a bike is one of the best ways to take it all in.

Malmo, Sweden

The Swedish government has put a lot of money into encouraging the use of bicycles and Malmo is where it can be seen. Many campaigns have taken place and now they have cycle paths that are named so that they can be found on GPS systems, which makes it even easier to get around!

Prague, Czech Republic

Eastern Europe often gets left behind when it comes to cycling but Prague is changing things in that respect. Since 2003, the city has been working hard to become bike friendly and so, new cycle paths have been implemented along with improvements. The aim is to have over 1,000km of cycling infrastructure in place. Prague is a stunning city that has a lot of history and beautiful sights, so there really is no better way to see it all.
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